Noken Binmas Polri Holds Social Service To Pagaleme Puncak Jaya Village Residents

Noken Binmas Polri Holds Social Service To Pagaleme Puncak Jaya Village Residents

In order to establish a friendly relationship between the police, especially the Noken Binmas Task Force and Pagaleme Kampung residents, the Noken Binmas Police Task Force held a Sambang activity as well as providing contact facilities in the form of food supplies to residents of Kampaleme Village Pagaleme District Pagaleme District. Puncak Jaya.

In his remarks, the Head of the Binaswil Noken Puncak Jaya, Iptu Alauddin Patawary said that, in order to strengthen the relationship between the police especially the Noken Binmas Polri with the residents of Kampaleme Village, today we deliberately came directly and visited Pagaleme Village to better know the situation and conditions Kampal Pagaleme residents.

Furthermore, the man who served as Kasas Binmas of Puncak Jaya Regional Police also added that in addition to stay in touch with us from the Noken Binmas Polri, we also provided a small amount of food assistance to the entire community of Kampal Pagaleme.

"Do not look at the contents or the number of contact facilities or food packages that we provide, but look at the sincerity and sincerity we provide this assistance, hopefully the relationship that has been established so far can be maintained and we also urge all citizens to be together with the police to always maintain security and order, especially in Pagaleme Village, "explained Iptu Alauddin Patawary.

Meanwhile in the same place, Mr. Yuren Wonda as a community leader in Pagaleme village appreciated what was done by the Noken Police Binmas Task Force, he thanked him and promised to continue helping the police to create security in Pagaleme village.

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