Merauke Regional Police donates rice to the Asmat community

Merauke Regional Police donates rice to the Asmat community

The Merauke Regional Police donated 750 kilograms of rice to the Asmat community who lived behind the Maro Mini Stadium. The aid was packed in 50 sacks containing 15 kilograms of rice each.

The staples were handed over by the Head of Merauke Regional Police AKBP Agustinus Ary Purwanto, Monday (6/22/2020). "This assistance can later be distributed evenly according to the number of families (recipients)."

AKBP Ary hopes that the assistance can ease the burden on residents while facing the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. "This is a form of Polri's attention to residents affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. I also ask the residents to maintain kamtibmas (security and public order). If there is a problem (in the community), resolve it well. "

The social event was held to commemorate Bhayangkara Day 2020. Residents thanked the presence of the Merauke Regional Police Chief and their contribution.

"The arrival of the father (Merauke Police Chief) is a source of pride for us. Although busy, the father still took the time to dialogue and provide assistance (to residents), "said Abel Kaumser, Chairman of the local RT.

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