Land Rehabilitation Early Signs of Development

Land Rehabilitation Early Signs of Development

PT PLN (Persero) plans to add electricity to the Jayapura City area. The construction plan began to be worked on this year and there were 9 points to be installed. The location crosses the hills of Bhayangkara, North Jayapura District, which is part of the Cycloop Nature Reserve area.

Related to strategic development that cannot be avoided. PT PLN (Persero) built a 150 KV GI Jayapura / Skyland-GI Angkasa SUTT transmission network, crossing the Cycloop Mountains Nature Reserve so it is mandatory to do rehabilitation first.

Representing GM PLN Papua, Manager of the Papua Project Development Implementation Unit, Henry Donald Mangatas Silaen, said that this network was to strengthen the electricity system in Jayapura because currently only 1 of Holtekam is in use, 20 KV and now it will add 150 KV.

"With this transmission, the electricity system will become reliable and this will start with rehabilitating the area," Hendry explained.

This rehabilitation was carried out by planting 10,500 seedlings in an area of ​​10 hectares. The types are merbau (Intsia bijuga), matoa (Pometia pinnata), bintangur (Callophyllum inophyllum), and cypress (Casuarina junghuhniana) which are native plants from the Cycloop region.

Head of the Papua KSDA Center, Edward Sembiring, S.Hut., M.Sc. invite all parties to preserve the Cycloop Mountains Nature Reserve.

"Cycloops are important because Cycloops also provide life for all water and good air can not be separated from the existence of Cycloops," he explained.

While the Head of the Papua Forest Service, Jan Ormuseray admitted planting in Bhayangkara had been repeated many times, but the challenges were quite severe so it had to involve the local community and useful trees.

"Trees that are planted have more economic value and the results are for the people here, but I also order to no longer have new trees cut down, including burning," he concluded.

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