KPA Tolikara Donates 3,100 APDs to the Covid-19 Task Force Team

KPA Tolikara Donates 3,100 APDs to the Covid-19 Task Force Team

Tolikara District AIDS Commission (KPA) of Tolikara Regency, Papua Province donated 3,100 personal protective equipment (PPE) in the form of "faceshields" and face masks to medical personnel and the community to fight the spread of COVID-19.

KPA Chairperson who is also Tolikara Regent Usman G Wanimbo through KPA Secretary Arianto Kogoya in Karubaga said that 100 faceshield packages and 3,100 masks had been delivered.

"We submit the APD to the COVID-19 Task Force team for distribution of medical personnel and the Tolikara community. The distribution mechanism of 3,100 masks and face shields for the community will be arranged by the Task Force team," he said.

Arianto Kogoya ensured that KPA as a semi-governmental institution had committed to participate in the fight against the epidemic of the corona virus.

"At the moment we are living in an abnormal situation where we have to change our lifestyle and survive for the COVID-19 pandemic," he said.

In addition to providing assistance, KPA is working with the youth of the GIDI Church Tolikara Region to socialize how to use masks to the community at Karubaga Market, Jalan Irian, Ampera Street and Puskesmas in Karubaga City.

"This is a social collaboration program, KPA wants to invite all of us to be more concerned with medical staff and the community through caring for love," he said.

Spokesperson for the COVID-19 Task Force Team Tolikara Yusak Totok Krido said assistance would be used to improve the prevention of corona virus entry there.

He said there were no COVID-19 patients in Tolikara yet but vigilance must continue to be improved by adhering to health protocols.

"We express our gratitude and high appreciation to KPA Tolikara for donating PPE. Hopefully this PPE helps medical staff and the general public to fight the corona virus outbreak," he concluded.

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