Himbau Covid-19, Kapolres Sambangi Pasar Tiom

Himbau Covid-19, Kapolres Sambangi Pasar Tiom

Visiting Traders in Tiom Market, Lanny Jaya Police Chief gave Kamtibmas messages and appealed for the Covid-19 outbreak and distributed masks for traders to use in the pandemic, Thursday (6/25/20) Afternoon.

The activity was carried out by AKBP Daniel T. Prionggo, who had just served as Lanny Jaya Police Chief after being inaugurated by the Papua Police Chief Inspector General of Police Drs. Paulus Waterpau, M.Si some time ago in the Papua Regional Police Headquarters to get closer to the community to establish friendship in the frame of brotherhood.

When confirmed in his office, the police chief said that he would come down directly in contact with all levels of society so that he could join hands in maintaining and maintaining the Kamtibmas situation in Lanny Jaya Regency and continued to be safe and conducive.

"I will lead the personnel to go directly to the field in serving the community in order to bring the National Police closer to the community so that they are loved and together create security and comfort in Lanny Jaya Regency," said the Chief of Police.

In addition, the man who once served as Paniai Police Chief also added, during the Covid-19 pandemic, the National Police should continue to urge the public to be disciplined in implementing health protocols in their daily lives in order to avoid spreading the virus.

"We also distribute masks to traders to use when selling to prevent the transmission or spread of the Covid-19 outbreak and for ourselves and the family, of course," concluded Lanny Jaya Police Chief Daniel T. Prionggo.

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