COVID-19 assistance Kaimana 1 Billion More

COVID-19 assistance Kaimana 1 Billion More

The Papua People's Assembly of West Papua Province (MRP PB) has allocated a number of budgets for municipal regencies in West Papua Province including for the Kaimana Regional Government. The budget is COVID 19 funding through the PB MRP post.

"There is a direct budget of COVID 19 from the PB MRP for 13 regencies / cities of more than Rp. 24 billion and Rp. 1 billion more for how," said PB MRP member of the Religious Working Group, GKI Envoy in Papua, Yafet Valentinus Wainarisi, Tuesday (9/6/2020).

He further said that the budget was more for community empowerment, including for education, health and community empowerment especially Papuans who were affected by the pandemic.

"So it can be for education, health should ultimately be on the empowerment of OAP which is directly affected by COVID 19," he said.

This assistance is expected to help ease the burden on indigenous Papuan people from the ferocious corona virus that has struck the homeland especially specifically the Papuan people in 13 regencies / cities in West Papua Province.

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