Biak Polres Monitoring Ruar village Freshwater Fish Farming

Biak Polres Monitoring Ruar village Freshwater Fish Farming

Biak Numfor Regional Police through Bhabinkamtibmas Ruar Village of East Biak Polsek, Brigadier Nico Ragil Permana conducted a monitoring program for food security in freshwater fish pond cultivation in Ruar East Biak Village.

Through this opportunity, First Brigadier Rico helped make fish ponds tawan water and provide fish food in the form of fish pellets in order to improve the quality of good fish.

"Monitoring of food security activities is carried out to help freshwater fish entrepreneurs in Ruar village in freshwater fish farming, including tilapia fish, tilapia and moon fish, so that the results of the fish harvest are able to maintain food stability and compete in the market," explained Bhabinkamtibmas, Monday (06/08/2020).

Biak Numfor Police Chief AKBP Mada Indra Laksanta S.IK. M.Sc., said that this activity was aimed at inviting Polres personnel and line of police officers and the community to take advantage of the natural potential that could be managed, among others, by cultivating freshwater fish ponds as an effort to maintain the food security of residents, especially in the mid-19 pandemic.

In the future the food security program is expected to become one of the resources in meeting food needs in the midst of the co-19 pandemic. As an effort the Biak Numfor Police Station helped the government in maintaining people's food security in the face of the co-19 pandemic.

"The food security program by cultivating freshwater fish in addition to being able to help maintain community food security, the results can also be sold so that it can increase income or help the economy of surrounding residents," said the police chief.

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