Bhayangkari Merauke's Concern For Mothers and Children

Bhayangkari Merauke's Concern For Mothers and Children

Humanitarian assistance by Bhayangkari Merauke Branch as a form of caring for the community especially to mothers and children is officially distributed.

The aid containing rice, pampers, milk and other snacks was distributed by the Merauke Regional Police, led by IPTU Marlina Kaimu, S. Sos and Shintia IPDA.

"Distribution of this package is done door to door. Given that we are still in the Covid-19 pandemic, so to avoid mass gathering, the distribution of packages is carried out door-to-door, "he explained.

A total of 50 packages were distributed in the Lampu 1 coastal area and the Sesapp street Mappi complex. The 50 humanitarian aid packages are assistance from the Chairman of the Merauke Branch of Bhayangkari.

"This is a mandate from the Chairman of Bhayangkari Merauke Branch Mrs. Diaz Ary, and the implementation of the distribution of aid carried out by the Merauke Regional Police to fellow citizens during the Covid-19 pandemic is expected to benefit the community, "he said.

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