AMP-P: Arrest Veronica Koman Provocateurs and DPOs

AMP-P: Arrest Veronica Koman Provocateurs and DPOs

The student association on behalf of the Pro Pancasila Student Alliance (AMP-P) strongly condemned the organizer of the activity which was moderated by the Chairman of the BEM UI 2020 Fajar Adi Nugroho who invited one of the controversial figures in the Veronica Koman List of People Search (DPO).

Veronica Koman is a DPO who is a suspect in a suspected case of spreading false news and provocation about the Papuan riots.

AMP-P also called on the police to immediately arrest police fugitives and organizers of the event titled "Papuan Lives Matter: Legal Racism in Indonesia" by inviting a DPO who is now suspected to be in Australia.

"Today's activity has caught the attention of the Indonesian people. We strongly condemn the activity that invited fugitive Veronica Koman police who are not responsible and did not dare to face the case," said AMP-P Coordinator Arnold in a press conference in Jakarta, Saturday (6/6 / 2020).

"Arrest the provocateurs of the Papua riots Veronica Koman and the organizing mastermind who invited the controversy," Arnold continued.

Arnold assessed that BEM UI had made a blunder by bringing up controversial sources who provoked the incidents of attacks on Papuan student dormitories in Surabaya that led to widespread riots in Papua and West Papua.

"In fact, BEM UI held an event inviting the mastermind and provocateurs behind the riots," he said.

Arnold did not want the agenda for this discussion to be used as a re-entry gate for the provocateurs of the Papua riots to incite a SARA conflict so that the nation was divided.

"We are worried that if provocateurs are not immediately arrested, we are worried that there will be a negative stigma against the law enforcement process in Indonesia. We will continue to encourage and support the National Police to immediately arrest and prosecute provocateurs Veronica Koman as soon as possible," he said.

He indicated that the agenda of the discussion by presenting Veronica Koman was entrusted and not to the point of stigmatizing those foreign minions who wanted to divide the nation. He ordered that all parties jointly care for diversity, not on the contrary destroyed by provocateurs Veronica Koman through the issues he was playing.

"Enforce the law as fairly as possible. The Australian Government should not protect DPO Surabaya riot cases Veronica Koman. We are sure students, youth and Indonesian people support for law enforcement for DPO Veronica Koman," he concluded.

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