100 Tons of Bulog Rice for the Community Started to be Distributed in Yahukimo

100 Tons of Bulog Rice for the Community Started to be Distributed in Yahukimo

The impact of the Corona Virus Disease (Covid-19) outbreak caused communities throughout Papua, including Yahukimo District, to be unable to do their usual activities. Therefore, the Yahukimo District Government under the leadership of the Abock Busup, MA and Yulianus Heluka, SH Regents took steps to bring 100 tons of bulog rice from Merauke to meet the food needs of the entire community.

Daily Implementer (Plh.) Yahukimo Regency Regional Secretary Elai Giban, SE.MM when distributing rice aid to the community on Thursday (06/18/2020) said, rice imported from Merauke will be distributed to the people in 51 districts domiciled in the capital Yahukimo Regency.

"We are distributing to the people in 51 districts which are spread out at several points in the City of Dekai. From yesterday we distributed in three districts namely Angguruk, Ubalihin, and Changeak. And the amount of rice distributed to date is 16 tons, "he said.

Elai Giban who is also the Spokesperson of the Task Force for the Acceleration of Co-19 Yahukimo Regency asked the district heads as coordinators of rice aid distributed by the local government to take responsibility for the assistance received and then distributed to each head of family.

"There is also cash assistance from the Ministry of Social Affairs with a quota of 1,168. However, this assistance has not yet been distributed because it is still in the process stage. The cash assistance will be distributed through the post office and received in cas by the recipient, "he said.

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