YPMAK Donates PPE Assistance to RSMM

YPMAK Donates PPE Assistance to RSMM

As a form of attention to health services amid the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak, the Amungme Kamoro Community Development Foundation (YPMAK), handed over hundreds of personal protective equipment (PPE) and consumables to the Mitra Masyarakat Hospital (RSMM), Mimika, Papua.

YPMAK Deputy Director, Ihfa Karupukaro handed over the PPE aid and material to the Chairman of the Caritas Foundation Management Board, Timika, Leonardus Tumuka, Thursday (5/28).

There were 26 types of assistance delivered, such as masks, alcohol, safety glasses, gloves, rapid tests, VTM sets, and others.

YPMAK Deputy Program Division Director, Ihfa Karupukaro said, during the Covid-19 pandemic YPMAK continued to make several efforts and steps in supporting efforts to deal with the corona virus outbreak in Mimika.

Support for the handling of Covid-19 is a form of attention from YPMAK, especially to the community of seven tribes in Mimika.

"YPMAK has assisted local governments in handling this epidemic, both in the form of providing financial assistance and PPE. And bama for the community, "said Ihfa in his speech.

In addition to the local government, said Ihfa, YPMAK also provided support to RSMM, to support the handling of Covid-19 patients. Where, the assistance submitted is the first stage of assistance given by YPMAK to RSMM.

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