Yalimo Regency Government Helps 150 Toners of Rice

Yalimo Regency Government Helps 150 Toners of Rice

The Yalimo District Government handed over 150 tons of rice to the people in five districts namely Elelim, Abenaho, Apalapsili, Welarek and Benawa.

Rice assistance was handed over directly by Yalimo's Covid-19 Task Force Team Co-deputy Chairperson, AKBP Rahmad K and chairman of the Yalimo Regency rice distribution committee, Malhay Mabel in Elelim, Monday (05/11/2020).

Yalimo's Covid-19 task force deputy team leader, AKBP Rahmad K, said the aid was delivered because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Yalimo Regency Government is taking steps to provide rice assistance to the community.

"I hope this rice assistance can be utilized as well as possible for the needs of every day during the Covid-19 pandemic," he said.

In the same place, the head of the rice distribution committee, Malhay Mabel, S.Pd, M.Pd, said that rice assistance from the Yalimo District Government was symbolically handed over by the Yalimo District Co-19 Covid Team Deputy Team leader in every district in Yalimo.

"The current amount of rice we provide is 150 tons, which will then be distributed to 600 households. I hope that this rice aid is truly realized and can be enjoyed by the people of Yalimo Regency, "he said.

After being symbolically handed over, the aid rice will then be distributed by car to each district.

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