Violence Against Medical Officers Must Be Cease Immediately And Not Justified

Violence Against Medical Officers Must Be Cease Immediately And Not Justified

Papua Regional Police Chief Paulus Waterpauw stressed that the recent humanitarian tragedy that befell two health workers at the Wandai Health Center, Intan Jaya District, by armed groups cannot be justified under any pretext. Waterpauw stressed the country strongly condemned the incident.

"I have told the central government to condemn groups that commit violence against humanitarian workers. That is very barbaric, not true. Whatever their reasons, such actions are not justified," he said.

The two health workers on duty at the Wandai Health Center, Intan Jaya, namely Almalek Bagau and Eunico Somou, were shot by armed gangs while trying to deliver drugs related to the handling of Covid-19 on Friday (5/22)

"Don't assume, as if it were TNI-Polri officers, then they carried out massacres and violence. They brought HT to be able to contact Covid-19 Command Post considering that there was no cell phone signal. That's why I say savage because they were playing fights. "said Waterpauw.

He stressed that the TNI and Polri continue to hunt down armed gangs in Papua who have always spread terrorist violence not only to the security forces but also to civilians.

"If they want to deal with TNI and Polri officials, that is their business. But don't slaughter humanitarian workers who should be assisted. They should be grateful to those humanitarian officers," he said.

Somou finally died from a gunshot wound while Bagau had been transferred to Nabire Regional Hospital after previously being treated at Wandai Priest.

Head of Information for Kodam XVII / Cenderawasih, Colonel CPL Eko Daryanto said that the two victims were included in the Intan Jaya Regency Covid-19 Task Force and Prevention Handling Team who were assigned by the local Health Office to disseminate information to the community around the Homeyo District about the danger of Covid-19.

Regarding the incident, the army and police put emphasis on all ranks of units in the area to increase vigilance. The security conditions in Wandai Village, Homeo District, according to Daryanto, were already under the control of the army and police in the area.

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