TNI-Polri Together with Senggi Puskesmas Check Body Temperature to prevent Covid-19

TNI-Polri Together with Senggi Puskesmas Check Body Temperature to prevent Covid-19

Anticipating the spread of Corona Virus Disease (Covid 19) or Corona Virus in the area of ​​Senggi District, Kotis Pos Satgas Pamtas Battalion Raider 509 Kostrad together with the Senggi Police Station, the Senggi Koramil and the Senggi Puskesmas carry out body temperature checks to the people who come through the Abepura-wamena Highway precisely ahead of the front Senggi Police Station in the District of Senggi. Keerom, Thursday (7/5).

Dantonkes Satgas Yonif Raider 509 Kostrad Kostrad Letda Ckm Budiana said the Inspection activities were carried out by Senggi Puskesmas officers accompanied by members of the Kotis Pos Task Force, members of the Senggi Sector Police and Senggi Koramil.

The head of the Senggi Community Health Center, Mrs. Constantina S. Patipeme, SKM said that the examination was carried out to anyone who came from Abepura by stopping the passing vehicles, we told them to come down and we checked at the Senggi Police Station office by the Health Team who were on standby every day.

Constantina S. Patipeme, SKM also said that the examination included checking body temperature and washing hands using Hand Sanitizer, after that we data, for those with high temperatures we point to the puskesmas for further treatment and for those who are normal after completing please continue the journey. Our goal is to collect data and anticipate, "he stressed.

Dansatgas Yonif Raider 509 Kostrad Lieutenant Colonel Inf Wira Muharromah, SH, Psc said the activity was carried out to prevent the spread of Corona Virus in the Senggi region to residents who came from Abepura direction, with the activity we hope that the community follows it so that the spread of Corona Virus can be prevented as early as possible so that the spread of Corona Virus soon ended and recovered as before.

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