TNI Again Carry Out Free Medical Treatment for Papuans

TNI Again Carry Out Free Medical Treatment for Papuans

As a form of attention as well as helping healthy Papuans, the Yonif 713 / ST Task Force held a free treatment in East Arso.

Letkol Inf Dony Gredinand, S.H., M.Tr.Han., M.I.Pol. said, the free medication carried out by the Kaliasin Post was led by Letda Inf Ida Bagus Pujana together with Sertu Asrul and Private Renaldi.

"This treatment is a form of caring and compassion for people who need help," he said.

Dony added, helping people affected by difficulties is a responsibility, especially if they are far from health facilities such as Puskesmas or Hospitals.

"That's why we go to them to provide free treatment, it will be very meaningful and is expected to ease their burden," he explained.

"In addition to visiting residents, we also open health services at any time in front of the Post if there are residents who need treatment and treatment quickly," explained Dony.

In a separate place, Danpos Kaliasin, Letda Inf Ida Bagus Pujana said, in this treatment complaints and health problems that afflict residents can be helped.

"Like Mrs. Percilia (56) who complained of shortness of breath, Saiya (4) had a high fever, and Mr. Laodi (53) who complained of pain in the entire body," he explained.

He further said, with this treatment, complaints of illnesses suffered by residents could recover immediately so they could move back to normal.

"In addition, through activities like this, we want to create a closer family relationship between the Task Force and residents," he added.

"If family relations are established, then it becomes an extraordinary force, so that any information that is not good in the community will be overcome because the personal relationship of the Task Force with the community has gone well," said Ida Bagus.

Meanwhile, Ibu Percilia, who complained about shortness of breath, expressed her gratitude for the treatment carried out by the TNI Task Force and at the same time providing medicine for herself.

"Where we live is far from the hospital, so we sometimes do not seek treatment especially like me who is old," he said.

But now, he is also very happy to be able to check the health that was visited by the Task Force members, and given it for free as well.

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