The TNI carries out treatment and socialization to prevent Covid-19 from door to door

The TNI carries out treatment and socialization to prevent Covid-19 from door to door

TNI troops from the Rami Post Tami Satgas Infantry Battalion 713 / Satya Tama again held door-to-door treatment activities and socialized prevention of the corona virus pandemic (COVID-19) citizens of the RI-PNG border in Skouw Sae village, Muara Tami District, Jayapura City, Wednesday (13 October) / 5)

Door-to-door treatment activities include checking blood pressure, health checks for sick people and direct drug administration and socialization of COVID-19 prevention delivered by Danki Satgas Pamtas RI-PNG Battalion 713 / ST Lieutenant Inf Simanjuntak

Danki Lettu Inf Simanjuntak conveyed how the sign of residents affected by the COVID-19 virus and how to prevent people from avoiding the Corona virus.

"So I say about the symptoms or signs when people are infected with this virus where the body temperature rises to high (above 38 degrees Celsius), dry cough, shortness of breath, diarrhea, headaches and loss of ability to taste or smell," he said.

He said, to prevent infection, residents must always wear masks when leaving the house, keep their distance and avoid crowds, always diligently washing hands especially before and after carrying out activities.

"Do not leave the house if it is not necessary or urgent and finally support the program that has been determined by the government in order to combat COVID-19," he added.

Matheo Lomo, a resident of the village of Skouw Sae expressed his gratitude for the help and attention to residents who were always given by TNI soldiers.

"Thanks to the socialization and appeals from our TNI fathers who did not know before, we learned that there were residents affected by the Corona Virus and also thanks for this free treatment," he said.

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