Testimony of Covid-19 Medical Officers Survivors Surviving KKB Group Atrocities

Testimony of Covid-19 Medical Officers Survivors Surviving KKB Group Atrocities

Almelek Bagau, corona virus pandemic countermeasure officer or COVID-19 in Intan Jaya Regency, Papua Province, told of the shooting incident that he and his colleague Heniko Somau had died by suspected armed separatists in Wandai District on Friday, May 22, 2020.

The man who is also a Civil Servant at the Intan Jaya District Health Office when he was met at the Nabire Hospital Hospital, Nabire Regency told in a stuttering voice accompanied by tears.

It was said that in the two days of the trip they carried HT radios given by the Health Office for communication with field health workers and Health workers at the Corona Virus prevention post.

Then on Friday May 22 2020 around 8:00 a.m. they both rested at their private homes because it was market day.

Not long afterwards, around 15 people who claimed to be members of the Free Papua Movement (OPM) came to expel the people in the area.

The fifteen of them carried firearms and blackened their faces with charcoal and earth and they spoke in Dani. It was said, they both tried to run away from the location of the OPM eviction while looking for his partner.

"We went to the market, but arrived in front of my house and brother Heniko Somau was detained by 15 people then they said that, you live in a place and some said" sit down, sit down, "and then one of them KKB says what do you mean bring HT radio, are you spying? "

He then explained their social goals.

"At that time I said we did not know anything, this HT radio had a health service provided for communication of the Corona-Covid 19 virus problem, but at that time the perpetrators still suspected me, along with the late Heniko Somau, were spies for the security forces and right then and there, the KKB immediately shot my pet dog using a Long-barreled firearm.

Then they said "you confessed already ...", at that time one of them KKB shot at the leg of the late Heniko Somau using a long-barreled firearm once and the shot hit the deceased's right calf, ".

Then the separatist group again shot his heels and calves using a long-barreled weapon three times and shot his partner twice and hit the left calf and thigh.

"After that I raised my right hand and said God what I was wrong ... then the other perpetrator shot my right hand palm with a gun once." said Bagau.

After persecuting the two health workers, the separatist group allegedly set fire to his house and shouted that the two victims were shot is the responsibility of the government.

They said, the village head, the district head, you were responsible and they immediately left. After the group left, Heniko said to herself, "what are our two friends wrong?" then Bagau answered "our two friends have this same situation."

Not long afterwards the community and family came to evacuate the two sacrifices using a motorbike to Sugapa, the capital of the Intan Jaya district to get medical treatment, but in the course of life Heniko Somau could not be helped and died.

"I can only pray and ask God so that they can be held accountable for their deeds before God. Later when God calls them for their deeds, they do when Christians are celebrating Easter or the ascension of the Lord Jesus Christ and the World is being faced with Plague Corona virus. I also ask the Government and the World Health Organization (WHO) and Human Rights to look seriously at the condition of us Health workers who are undergoing the Humanitarian Task in combating the Corona Virus Outbreak from this heinous act carried out by the KKB in Papua, "he said

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