Sorong City Government exempts 3 months of hotel industry tax

Sorong City Government exempts 3 months of hotel industry tax

The city government of Sorong, West Papua Province adopted a policy of freeing taxes for three months for the hotel industry in the area as a result of the outbreak of a new corona virus or COVID-19.

Sorong Mayor Lambert Jitmau in Sorong said he was exempting three months of tax for the hotel industry because there was no income amid the Corona virus outbreak.

The hospitality industry during the Corona outbreak did not generate income because there were no guests, he continued, even some hotels lay employees without pay.

"Therefore, for three months they are exempt from taxes because there is no income. The three-month tax exempt policy applies from the last month the hotel pays taxes. If they pay taxes until March, the government policies of April, May and June 2020 they are exempt from tax , "he said.

According to him employees who were sent home by the hotel in the Corona virus outbreak situation as an effort to prevent the spread of the virus will be given assistance. "We will see if it is possible that all hotel employees laid off during the Corona virus outbreak will be given basic needs assistance," he added.

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