Sorong City Army and National Police Share Food Packages

Sorong City Army and National Police Share Food Packages

At least 500 food packages were distributed by the TNI and Polri to the people of Sorong City in two Kelurahans, each of the Klademak District of Sorong District and Klagete Village of Malaimsimsa District of Sorong City.

The food aid to be distributed was handed over symbolically by Danrem 181 / PVT Brigadier General Yulius Selvanus followed by Dansatgas Triton Brig. Gen. retired Jery Waleleng, Sorong City Police Chief Ary Nyoto S.IK.MH, Dandim 1802 / Sorong Lieutenant Colonel Inf Budiman SE, and received by the Head of Sub-District and then distributed to each RT.

Korem 181 / PVT Commander Brigadier General Yulius Selvanus when confirmed Sketch explained that the nine-basic necessities were a form of TNI and Polri's concern for the community from the impact of the Corona or Covid-19 virus, to the two Kelurahan of each Klademak sub-district Sorong District and Klagete Sub-district Malaimsimsa City Sorong

As for the background of the thinking of the TNI and Polri in the Sorong City government area, said Yulius Selvanus, the one-star General is that public awareness to conduct social distancing or physical distancing in West Papua is very lacking, because there are indeed needs that cannot be avoided by some residents, by the TNI and the National Police helped the local government deal with Covid-19.

While Klagete Village Chief Yoel Isir, when speaking with the media, expressed his gratitude to the Korem and Polres who had given their attention in the midst of this corona virus outbreak.

"This food aid is very helpful for our residents, especially those affected by Covid-19. Food assistance that we have received as many as 250 packages will be arranged with the Head of RT. Later we will also get food assistance from the local government of Sorong City. For members of the community who have received assistance from the TNI and Polri, no longer get help from the Sorong City government, so that all get it, "said Head of the Village Chief Yoel Isir, Tuesday, (5 / 5/2020).

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