PT Freeport Indonesia Strengthens Health Protocol in Work Areas

PT Freeport Indonesia Strengthens Health Protocol in Work Areas

PT Freeport Indonesia (PTFI) continues to strengthen efforts and coordination with the Mimika COVID-19 Task Force Acceleration Task Force to protect company employees from the risk of spreading the corona virus in all work areas and the environment around the company.

These efforts include maximizing physical distancing, setting up medical facilities in Tembagapura and Timika which are the company's main work areas, and closing access to Tembagapura.

In the midst of the global commodity market sluggishness due to the industry slowdown in COVID-19 mitigation efforts throughout the world, as a National Vital Object engaged in the mining sector, PTFI's operational activities are still ongoing so that industrial raw materials can continue to be available, the wheels of the local and national economy can keep moving, and the mining area remains productive and maintained its stability.

"However, we ensure that the safety and health of our employees is our top priority," said PT Freeport Indonesia's Vice President Corporate Communication Riza Pratama.

In collaboration with the Mimika District COVID-19 Task Force for the Acceleration of Handling, since early March 2020, PTFI has implemented various mitigation efforts that can double the health protocol in the work area. Some of these efforts include:

Impose restrictions on entry and travel to employees who travel from / to / through high risk countries, according to directions from the government.

Then it requires body temperature checks for every employee who arrives at the airport and bus terminal and wants to enter the PTFI work area. Employees who are detected with a body temperature above 38 degrees Celsius are required to not work and have a medical team checked.

Lalua maximizes the Limitation of Physical Interaction, by closing a number of facilities such as schools, places of worship, and restaurants / cafeterias in all work areas. For public facilities that remain open such as employee canteens and supermarkets, lines that regulate the distance between queues have been prepared. The same distance restriction is also applied to trams and bus employees who only operate within the work area.

Then intensify Hygiene Standards, namely by spraying disinfectants in all offices and work areas, and actively releasing a variety of educational content for employees.

Closing all access to Tembagapura is the next step. Close access to Tembagapura since March 26, 2020. However, all logistical transportation operations continue to be carried out as usual so that the needs for basic commodities such as food are still met.
The last one is to hold a Rapid Test and prepare Health Monitoring Procedures and Management. As a screening procedure and early detection of the risk of COVID-19 transmission among company employees, PTFI has conducted a rapid test in accordance with the contact tracing process and will be developed in stages to include a wider population in the company area.

At the same time, PTFI also provides facilities, personnel and medical procedures to anticipate the handling of employees in the operations area who need special monitoring.

PTFI has also provided special accommodations for employees who show symptoms of illness or require further inspection by medical teams in all work areas, namely in Tembagapura and Kuala Kencana Timika.

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