Prevent Covid-19, Fakfak Regent: Start with Ourselves

Prevent Covid-19, Fakfak Regent: Start with Ourselves

Regent of Fakfak Dr. Drs. Mohammad Uswanas, M.Si unceasingly appealed to or invited the people of Fakfak Regency to obey the government's appeal related to the prevention of the spread of Corona Virus or Covid-19.

The Regent's appeal related to the presence in Fakfak Regency 1 person was stated to be Positive Corona from the Covid-19 Laboratory Examination at the Makassar Health Laboratory Center.

"Prevent corona, starting from ourselves, we must become paramedics, we must become doctors for ourselves, we must ensure ourselves healthy and safe from the dangers of the corona virus," the Regent of Fakfak said after cross-sectional meetings at the Fakfak District Health Office , Monday (05/11/2020) afternoon.

According to the Regent, even though there are no symptoms of illness, the community must remain careful to protect themselves and others. Do physical distancing or social distancing.

"Use a face mask has become one of the" weapons "against the Corona virus, distance from others at least one meter, limit activities or trips that are not important," pleaded the Regent.

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