Papua Provincial Health Office Asks Residents to Perform Health Checks with RDT Before Traveling

Papua Provincial Health Office Asks Residents to Perform Health Checks with RDT Before Traveling

Head of the Deiyai ​​District Health Office, Papua Province Kornelis Pakage asked local residents to conduct a health check with a rapid diagnostic test (RDT) before traveling from Deiyai ​​to Nabire to prevent transmission of COVID-19.

When confirmed, Kornelis explained that lately many residents had traveled to Nabire from Deiyai, Dogiyai and Paniai using special road permits signed by the regent. Based on the results of a joint decision of the Association of Regent of the Meepago region on Thursday (16/4) in kilometer 100 Siriwo.

However, he said, so far many residents have used fake road permits for personal gain in Nabire. In addition to residents, truck drivers and "pickup" cars are also required to take part in the RDT inspection.

Kornelis Pakage emphasized that before issuing a special road permit, a health check must be carried out at the local health center or hospital.

"I see a lot of people use fake licenses, some are scanned, some are imitating. The main thing is they use it for personal gain. Including truck drivers who transport food. Therefore, I suggest that before handling the permission letter from the regent, must do health checks at hospitals or health centers using RDT, "he said.

He said, if the medical examination of residents who wanted to take care of the permit was positive, then a second inspection was carried out, if it still remained positive, they should be referred to the Nabire Regional Public Hospital for further examination.

"So this is also required by truck and pickup drivers who carry food. They must be inspected by RTD. I am worried that all objects brought up from Nabire can be infected with COVID-19 for Meepago residents," he said.

Meanwhile, Diocese Administrator of Timika Diocese, P. Marten Kuayo said that the government is obliged to maintain and control the mobility of new residents entering each district.

"As in Nabire, the main entrance for several regencies in the mountainous region. So what must be maintained is in Nabire, if in Anim Ha it is in Merauke, Saireri is in Biak and Serui. This must be serious," he said.

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