Papua Provincial Government Brings PCR Equipment from America

Papua Provincial Government Brings PCR Equipment from America

The Papua Provincial Government is adding a PCR or polymerase chain reaction tool in each customary area. The test tool was added so that the diagnosis of the Corona virus could be faster, because currently the Papua Government only has 2 such tools.

"So, currently there are only 2 PCR equipment owned by the government, plus 1 more owned by PT Freeport Indonesia in Mimika, then we will add two for the Nabire and Biak regions," Deputy Governor of Papua, Klemen Tinal told reporters in Jayapura on Friday (Friday) 5/15/2020).

Deputy Governor said, the procurement of this tool is an asset of the Papua government in the future, because it is not only for the corona virus or Covid-19 but also other diseases.

The tool said the Deputy Governor, initially we wanted to bring it from China, but the accuracy of the inspection was not accurate, so we would order directly from America.

Meanwhile, Papua Covid-19 Task Force spokesperson, Dr. Silwanus Sumule said that the PCR equipment ordered would soon arrive in Jayapura.

Sumule said, the PCR equipment owned by the government in Litbankes came from America. While the PCR tool promised by the central government also has no information to date.

"For HR there is no problem, we provide one week of training is enough, in addition to being used to diagnose Corona, this tool can also be used to diagnose other diseases," he said.

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