Papua Provincial Government Borong Papua Farmers' Production Results

Papua Provincial Government Borong Papua Farmers' Production Results

The Papua Provincial Education Office (Disdik) bought up seven trucks produced by farmers in Keerom Regency, Papua. The agricultural products are packaged into 500 food packages that are distributed to Disdik Papua employees and the people around the Disdik office.

"Actually, this momentum is helping friends affected by Covid-19 and experiencing the impact. This is also as assistance for farmers in Keerom, so we help them," said Papua Education Agency Head Christian Sohilait, in Jayapura, Tuesday (5) / 5/2020).

 Purchased agricultural products include, kale, mustard greens, vegetable tomatoes, cassava, sweet potatoes, and taro. Sohilait explained, what his institution carried out was also an implementation of the Papuan Provincial Government's call for more people to consume local food products during the pandemic.

The purchase of agricultural products from Keerom was acknowledged by Sohilait as input from teachers teaching in the district. "This is the information from the teachers who later passed on to us," he said.

He said he would encourage teachers to grow crops during the corona pandemic. This is intended to reduce Papua's dependence on food or kitchen spices from other provinces.

"In one or two days we will make a policy to help them in the interior, especially in the districts included in the red zone," Sohilait said.

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