Papua Provincial Government adds the number of Doctors and Epidemiologists facing Covid-19

Papua Provincial Government adds the number of Doctors and Epidemiologists facing Covid-19

The Government of the Papua Province held a debriefing on the Covid-19 pandemic which was attended by 20 doctors and epidemiologists in Jayapura City, Friday (05/08/2020). A total of 20 doctors participating in the debriefing will soon be sent to 12 districts / cities affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The head of the Papua Health Service, Roby Kayame, said the debriefing given to young doctors and epidemiologists would make it easier for them to help medical workers in the area where they would be assigned. Kayame said it was difficult to predict when the Covid-19 pandemic would end, so it took every effort to strengthen the handling of the outbreak.

"We feel the need for regeneration of medical personnel. These are medical personnel that we have prepared, and will be deployed to areas that need doctors [who understand] epidemiology and nurses. [It was] very much needed during the Covid-19 period, "Kayame said.

Kayame said the 20 doctors will be assigned to a number of areas that have high population mobility, so there are many cases of Covid-19. They will be placed in Jayapura Regency, Sarmi Regency, Keerom, and Jayapura City. If they are ready, they will be sent to other areas such as Jayawijaya, Paniai, Nabire, Biak, Boven Digoel, Bintang Mountains, Yahukimo and others.

According to him, young doctors and epidemiologists will socialize the Covid-19 pandemic to the public. They are also expected to be able to conduct early detection and carry out a rapid test or Covid-19 rapid test, and can help the nurses at the puskesmas.

"The spread of the corona virus can be countered by competent medical personnel. However, the community must still follow the government's call to jointly fight the corona virus, "he said.

The Head of Health Resources, Papua Health Office, Lesman Tabuni as the organizing committee was attended by 18 doctors and 2 epidemiologists. "There are 18 doctors, and two epidemiologists [graduates] at Cenderawasih University," Tabuni said.

According to Tabuni, the presenters gave a general description of their duties and functions in the field, and discussed the dangers and spread of Covid-19. "Also standard work procedures and procedures related to health service efforts," he said.

Tabuni said the doctors and epidemiologists had signed employment contracts that guaranteed their rights and obligations while on duty. "Regarding rights and obligations, it is very inherent in their work contracts," Tabun said.

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