One More Evidence KKB Commits Humanitarian Crimes

One More Evidence KKB Commits Humanitarian Crimes

The KKSB Armed Separatist Criminal Group has again committed humanitarian crimes by spreading terror and shooting and mutilating garden farmers who are indigenous Papuans, the victim named Yunus Sani (40 years old), a resident of Kampung Megataga, Wandai District, Intan Jaya Regency.

The information was obtained from religious leader Niko Wakey, a priest from the Mbegulo Church. The incident began when Father Niko Wakey was taking his son from Enarotali, when he returned to Kampung Mbegulo in the middle of a trip in Kampung Megataga, Wandai District, shots were heard approximately 8 times.

After the gunfire had stopped, Father Niko Wakey saw KKSB descend from Magataga Village and would approach him. When approaching, the KKSB said that it had killed the victim Yunus Sani.

Furthermore, after KKSB left, Father Niko Wakey approached the victim Yunus Sani (40 years) who had been lifeless and wrapped in a sack by the KKSB.

Kapendam XVII / Cenderawasih Colonel Cpl Eko Daryabto in a written statement on Sunday (31/5) said that the KKSB seemed to spread the virus claiming the lives of indigenous Papuans residing in Papua.

"This action is very barbaric inhumane, incorrect. Whatever their reasons, it is not justified the shooting and mutilation of civilians in Papua," said Kapendam.

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