OAP Has No Identity Receives Assistance from the Papua Provincial Government

OAP Has No Identity Receives Assistance from the Papua Provincial Government

A total of 17,981 Papuans (OAP) who do not have a personal identity card (KTP) received a package of food ingredients (Bama) and local food from the Papua Provincial Government.

The Deputy Governor of Papua Klemen Tinal symbolically handed over aid at four points namely in the Jayapura Regent's Office totaling 4,741 Bama packages, Trikora Abepura Field 6,654 packages, East Koya Village, Muara Tami 2,651 and Tanjung Ria Village, 3,935 packages.

"Submission of times as a follow-up of submission of Social Aid from before. If yesterday we focused on clergy and all staff who guarded houses of worship during Covid-19, today is OAP but who does not have a KTP, "Klemen Tinal said.

According to Klemen Tinal that it does not mean that citizens who have ID cards are not given assistance, but residents who have self-identity are coordinated with the district / city government.

"While those who do not have an ID card surely the regent / mayor also has obstacles to reach, we immediately provide it," he explained.

From the available data, the target of receiving Social Aid is 32,000, currently the Provincial Government has distributed as many as 17,991 while the rest will be handled through districts / cities.

"Today we have done that 17,991 people, symbolically after that the related service will immediately continue giving Social Aid," he said.

He conveyed the giving of Social Aid so that the administration is orderly, where all recipients received photos, there are forms and signatures, in addition to administrative responsibility but also inputted as OAP data base.

"We want to build an OAP database, so we know exactly how many OAPs are, where they are and what their classifications are," he explained.

He explained that giving assistance to OAP without identity was in line with Special Autonomy, where Otsus had become the task of the Provincial Government. "Because Otsus is indeed its duty in the Province and there is a Service that handles it, so we have all of their data," he said.

Besides aiming to relieve OAP in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, it is also a form to record OAP. With good data, the government can see OAP skills so they can use them in the future.

"We can see they have advantages, so that in the future they can plan something according to the data we have," he said again.

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