No Need to Be Afraid of Shopping for Fish, Traders Are Already in a Rapid Test

No Need to Be Afraid of Shopping for Fish, Traders Are Already in a Rapid Test

The Covid-19 pandemic that has been going on for several months began to have an impact on fish traders at the Hamadi Fish Auction Place. Especially not long ago there were found a number of 10 mobile fish sellers whose rapid test results were declared reactive. This adds to the concern of citizens to buy fish in the market.

One step to restore the confidence of citizens to shop at the market is holding a mass rapid test to traders. The Head of the Jayapura City Fisheries Service, Matheys Sibi, said that in addition to the rapid test, residents were also advised to continue implementing security protocols while shopping at the market.

"We make sure that the Hamadi TPI area is safe from corona virus, which is important for the community to pay attention to the Standard Operating Procedures for health by wearing masks, keeping a distance so that it becomes safe," said Matheys Sibi, Friday (05/29/2020).

Sibi explained, Hamadi Fish Auction Place during the corona virus pandemic had also imposed body temperature checks for buyers and traders, required to wear masks, as well as hand washing facilities.

"I hope that people can buy fish at the fish market because all fish traders have taken a rapid test, and thank God the results are negative," said Sibi.

Sibi admitted that during the corona virus pandemic, the decline in fish traders' income at the Hamadi Fish Auction Place was down by 40 percent, let alone coupled with the closing of the market.

"Fish sellers who have been rapid, so that the results of their rapid use are used as proof to the community that fish traders are free. This also raises the fear of buyers. If traders use the results of the rapid test card, it will have a big impact, of course, public trust, "said Sibi.

On the other hand, Sibi gave an appreciation to the regional government who had lightened the burden of traders, especially those selling at the Hamadi Fish Auction Place, with the help of groceries.

A fish seller at the Hamadi Fish Auction Place, Irson Wanma, when met at the Jayapura Mayor's Office while taking food aid, said that as long as the fish market was closed and in order to meet daily economic needs, he was forced to sell on the roadside.

"The amount is not small when selling in the market. If at the market I can bring home Rp. 500 thousand net money, selling on the side of the road is only returning capital, sometimes there is leftover to buy rice and vegetables, can not save because it is empty of buyers, "said Wanma.

Wanma hopes that the Hamadi Fish Auction Place sale and purchase activities will return to normal, especially if they want to enter a new school year to pay for school fees for their children who are going to grade 6 Elementary School.

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