Nabire Regional Police Around the Nabire City Patrol

Nabire Regional Police Around the Nabire City Patrol

Apple Patrol Team V to carry out community appeals and control as an anticipatory measure to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in Nabire District was conducted by Nabire Regional Police on Monday (05/18/20) afternoon.

The implementation of the patrol apples together with the TNI and the PP Pol Nabire Regency. Where was led directly by the Head of the Bin Laden Police Unit Nabire Iptu A. M Tatiratu, which was attended by the Head of the Sub Unit of the Nabire Police Chief Iptu Eko Purwanto, Chief of the Ops Sat Intelkam Ipda Sugiarto, Chief of the Bin Ops Sat Narcotics Ipda Adi Prayitno, SH, Pa Siaga I Bag Ops Ipda Ahada Silayar , 1 Joint Staff Team, 1 Team Sat Samapta Dalmas Unit, 1 Kodim 1705 / PN Team and 1 PP Pol Sat Team.

"Today we are still carrying out routine patrols actively controlling the community in order to prevent and spread Covid-19 in Nabire District," Kasat Binmas said.

Appeal patrol route, passed Jl. Sudirman - Karang Tumaritis - Bumi Wonorejo - Jl. Mandala - Jl. Martha Tiahahu - Jl. Siliwangi -Jl. Nabire Beach - Jl. Yos Sudarso-Jl. Frans Kaisepo-Jl. Mamaribo - Jl. RE. Marthadinata - Afternoon Market KPR Nabarua - Jl. Pepera.

"During the activity this afternoon, it went safely and smoothly. Hopefully with the situation when the covid-19 virus pandemic can recover soon as usual, "said Kasat Binmas, Iptu Afrets.

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