Nabire Police Station Gives Food Packages To 4 Villages

Nabire Police Station Gives Food Packages To 4 Villages

West Nabire Police Station held the Social Service of the Indonesian Police Care for COVID-19 by providing food packages to residents in four villages in Nabire Regency, Papua.

"We are holding a social service to people affected by COVID-19," West Nabire Police Chief Iptu Akhmad Syaiful Rizal said when contacted from Jayapura City.

Together with local police personnel and members of the bhabinkamtibmas, Iptu Akmad admitted giving groceries to Bumimulia Village with the target of 10 households (KK) and Wanggar Sari Village with 10 KK targets.

"Then to Wiraska Village to 10 KKs and Yaro Makmur Village to 10 KKs where this assistance was to ease the burden of the people affected by corona while welcoming Idul Fitri 1441 Hijri," he said.

On that occasion, officials also conveyed government recommendations to residents to implement health protocols, including calls for going home to break the chain of the spread of new types of corona viruses (COVID-19).

"We also convey to residents to take care of their health by applying a healthy lifestyle, using masks, washing their hands, and keeping their distance during the corona pandemic," he said.

Regarding Eid al-Fitr 1441 Hijri in that area, Akhmad also invited residents to work together to protect the Kamtibmas.

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