KPM Cash Social Assistance Has Been Distributed Through Timika Post Office

KPM Cash Social Assistance Has Been Distributed Through Timika Post Office

PT Pos Indonesia Timika Office began this Wednesday to distribute Social Cash Assistance (BST) to 2,675 Beneficiary Families (KPM) in Mimika Regency, Papua Province.

Timika Post Office Chief Ronald Luarmasse told Antara in Timika that on Wednesday there were four villages in the Mimika Baru District region that the BST would pay at the Timika Post Office on Jalan Yos Sudarso. The four villages include Dingo Narama, Warmji, Kebun Sirih and Koperapoka.

"Today there are 348 KPM who will receive the first phase of BST payments in April 2020. Other villages will follow from 28 May onward until June 5. We are targeting until 5 June all KPM in the Mimika Baru District, Wania, Kuala Kencana , Iwaka and Mimika Timur have been paid, "said Ronald.

Considering the limited time due to the enactment of the Extended and Tightened Social Restrictions (PSDD) in Mimika Regency from May 21 to June 4, BST payments are made every day from 07.00 CET to 12:30 CET.

"We are worried that the community will be late returning home so we try before 14.00 CET all BST recipients have returned to their respective homes," said Ronald.

The BST payment for KPM that lives in 10 other districts in the Mimika hinterland will be made after all KPM in the Timika and surrounding areas have obtained their rights.

BST payments for KPM in 10 remote districts of Mimika will be done simultaneously for three phases, namely April, May and June 2020 because it considers the cost of expensive transportation into the interior. Ronald explained that each KPM receives Rp600 thousand in cash per stage.

Specifically in the five districts around the City of Timika, the number of KPM that received BLT allocations from the Central Government through the Ministry of Social Affairs was 2,554 KPM, with the remaining 119 KPM spread over 10 inland districts namely in the mountainous and coastal areas.

Ronald said that for the BST payment, the Ministry of Social Affairs had transferred funds to the PT Pos Indonesia account at BNI 46 Bank.

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