Kostrad Soldiers Distribute Reading Books at the RI-PNG Border

Kostrad Soldiers Distribute Reading Books at the RI-PNG Border

In the framework of the National Book Day which is celebrated every May 17, the RI-Papua New Guinea Pamtas Task Force (PNG) Infantry Mechanic Raider (MR) 411 / Pandawa Kostrad Pos Yanggandur distributed reading books to Papuan children in Yanggandur Village, Sota District, Merauke Regency, Monday (5/18/2020) morning.

RI-PNG Dansatgas RI-PNG Yonif MR 411 / Pandawa Kostrad, Major Inf Rizky Aditya, revealed that the National Education Day was a celebration to commemorate the importance of reading culture. Commemorated every May 17 which was coined by the Minister of Education, Abdul Malik Fadjar, in 2002 based on the establishment of the National Library of the Republic of Indonesia on May 17, 1980.

According to Rizky, in the context of commemorating the 2020 National Police, the personnel of the Yonif MR 411 / Pandawa Kostrad Task Force held a simple activity in the form of distributing reading books to Papuan children in the RI-PNG Border.

"This way is expected to lead to habits and bring a positive impact on school children, especially in increasing interest in reading (literacy)," he said Monday (5/18/2020) evening.

Rizky said that Danpos Yanggandur Serka Supriyadi and five of his members distributed reading books to YPPK Yanggandur elementary school children who were studying at home due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

After distributing reading books consisting of school textbooks and folklore, continued Rizky, Serka Supriyadi told a story with a motivational theme to achieve the goals for Papuan Children.

"Hopefully this simple activity brings good benefits in the midst of the Corona Virus pandemic which requires school children to study at home," Rizky said.

Meanwhile, Danpos Yanggandur Serka Supriyadi, said that the reading of the reading book was a simple warning to the 2020 National Harbuk in order to instill a love of reading to elementary school-age children around the post.

"Usually once a month we bring in the Mobile Library Smart Car which is an innovation of the 411 / Pandawa Kostrad Mechanical Raider Task Force to present a window on the world at the Border, but in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic we can only hold it in a simple way like this," he said

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