KONI Center Proposes PON Papua to be Held October 2-13, 2021

KONI Center Proposes PON Papua to be Held October 2-13, 2021

The Central Indonesian National Sports Committee (KONI) proposed that the National Sports Week or PON Papua be held on October 2-13, 2021 after it was decided to be postponed by the government due to the corona virus pandemic. The proposed date came after the KONI Center held a virtual meeting with KONI Management in the area.

"Regarding the withdrawal of PON XX in Papua to 2021, the KONI Center proposes the holding of PON XX on 2-13 October 2021," the KONI Central statement said in a written statement on Tuesday.

"At the time the event was already taking into account the numerous international / national multi-single sport events in 2021."

KONI also proposed that the official name or nomenclature for PON Papua be changed from the previous PON XX Year 2020 to PON XX Year 2021.

The results of the meeting also discussed a number of other points, such as sports and match numbers, athlete age limits, entry by sport, and entry by name.

Regarding the number of sports, match numbers, and age restrictions, KONI Center said it would not make changes.

Even the results of the qualification round that has been carried out in 2019 will remain a reference, even though the implementation of the PON is postponed to next year. While the new entry by name will be discussed later in February next year.

Furthermore, KONI Pusat will hold a second CDM meeting in November 2020 and a third CDM Meeting will take place in July 2021 to discuss the development of the Papua PON.

Even though it has been postponed for a year, KONI Pusat still requests that all venue and accommodation preparations can be completed this year.

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