Joint Team of TNI-Polri Pursue Perpetrators to Kill 2 Covid-19 Medical Officers

Joint Team of TNI-Polri Pursue Perpetrators to Kill 2 Covid-19 Medical Officers

The joint TNI-Polri team continues to pursue the armed sending group (KKB) who shot 2 medical personnel from the Covid-19 Task Force team in Wandai District, Intan Jaya Regency.

Head of Papua Police Public Relations, Commissioner Pol. AM Kamal said the attack and shooting occurred when both of them wanted to deliver drugs for the handling of Covid-19.

"Both of these victims are medical workers who have a noble duty to help public health, especially in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic," he explained at the Papua Police Headquarters, Saturday (05/23/2020).

Explained, Intan Jaya Police personnel received information from one of the medical personnel on duty at the local health office that there had been the shooting of two medical personnel, Alemanek Bagau and Koni Somou.

It is said, from information received that 1 victim Koni Somou was declared dead. While Alemanek Bagau is still in the care of Pastoral Wandai and his condition is critical.

"The two medical personnel are members of the Covid 19 task force team in the health sector of Intan Jaya Regency," he added.

After the shooting was planned by the Police Chief of Intan Jaya, AKBP. Yuli Karre Pongbala together with members coordinating with the TNI will head to the scene to evacuate the victims on Saturday (05/23/2020).

To note that the scene is very far and difficult terrain is an obstacle for members in the field, where to go to the crime scene takes about 5 hours.

"The location of the incident in the Wandai District has no police post and no telecommunications network," Kamal said.

Of the 8 districts in Intan Jaya, only 3 districts were occupied by troops, including members of the police force. While 5 districts namely Tomasiga, Agisiga, Ugimba, Wandai and Iyandoga there are no security posts and also members of the police there.

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