Joint Operations of TNI-Polri Perform PSDD Security

Joint Operations of TNI-Polri Perform PSDD Security

As many as 350 joint military and police personnel were deployed to secure the Extended and Tightened Social Restrictions (PSDD) policy in Mimika Regency, which will be held from Thursday afternoon to 4 June 2020.

Mimika Deputy Police Chief Kompol I Nyoman Punia, in Timika, said that joint military and police personnel were stationed at 17 main road points in the city of Timika. They were joined by officers from the Department of Transportation, the Civil Service Police Unit, and the Regional Disaster Management Agency to supervise residents so as not to carry out activities outside the house at 14:00 CET until 6:00 CET.

"According to the Mimika Regent's instructions, all personnel must occupy each post at 17 points starting at 14:00 CET until 20:00 CEST. Restrictions on leaving the house have begun to be imposed and will be balanced by joint patrols of the TNI, Mimika Police, Brimob, Satpol PP and the Transportation Department , "Kompol Nyoman said.

Kompol Nyoman said that his staff would crack down on any violations of the PSDD rules in Mimika.

"Later we will see what forms of violations there are, if there are criminal elements, or possibly violations of traffic rules. But we will get this with the Mimika Regency Government, what are the sanctions for people who continue to roam above 14.00, were told to clean houses of worship or what , "he said anyway.

Volunteers and officers from various agencies in the Mimika Regency Government participated in a joint rally to secure the Tightened and Expanded Social Limitation policy at the Timika Indah Field on Thursday (5/21/2020).

Spokesperson of the COVID-19 COVID-19 Task Force on the Mimika Regency Reynold Ubra said that one of the integrated policies in the implementation of PSDD in Mimika is to conduct rapid tests or antibody tests on violators.

Rapid antibody tests are at once to capture cases and isolate people suspected of being exposed to COVID-19. For those who are netted, they will fill out a form to be tested and an agreement form to do independent isolation at home.

"We will record the full name, NIK, telephone number so that we can monitor if he is positive or reactive. The next treatment is to refer to the confirmation confirmation of diagnosis by polymerase chain reaction (PCR). We will also announce the names that were tested positive through tests. this antibody, "Reynold said.

The medical team consisted of doctors, laboratory personnel and epidemiological investigations distributed at eight points around Timika City, in front of the Three Kings Cathedral Church, Jalan Cenderawasih-Budi Utomo T-junction, in front of POM Lama, Pasar Lama, Timika Mall, Nawaripi, Puri Husada T-junction Clinic , and SP2-Kuala Kencana-SP5.

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