Jayawijaya Regional Community Police Distribute Groceries and Masks

Jayawijaya Regional Community Police Distribute Groceries and Masks

In the framework of the 2020 Bina Kusuma Matoa Ops, Jayawijaya Regional Police Sat Binmas provided food aid and masks to the people affected by Covid-19 in the Wibena Jibama Market, Wednesday (05/20/2020) morning.

The activity led by Kasat Binmas Jayawijaya Regional Police AKP Harbani Paruki, S.Sos was carried out in addition to the Covid-19 assistance as well as a form of appreciation to the Jibama Market community leaders for their dedication so far in helping the Jibama Market Pol Post to maintain security stability in the Jibama Market.

Kasat Binmas stated that it also invited community leaders to help the police convey to families and the community to always maintain security within the Jibama Market.

"In addition, with covid-19 so that the community adheres to the Local Government Instruction by not conducting community gatherings in the market by playing Ludo and Togel formulas and telling the public to stop activities in the Jibama Market in accordance with the predetermined time to close at 18.00 Wit or at 6:00 a.m., "said Kasat Binmas.

Kasat also appealed that no people make local drinks in the form of ballos or Ct and distribute and sell Miras in the market.

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