Encouraging Local Economy, Papua Provincial Government Borong Residents' Garden Products

Encouraging Local Economy, Papua Provincial Government Borong Residents' Garden Products

The Provincial Government of Papua buys around 10 tons of food and local food to be distributed to indigenous Papuans (OAP) affected by Covid-19 in Jayapura City and Regency. This activity was coordinated directly by the Head of the Agriculture and Food Office of Papua Province, Semuel Siriwa.

According to Semuel, most of the local food was purchased from traders in Jayapura City and Regency.

"In essence, the local food we prepare is mostly bought from native Papuan traders in Sentani, Jayapura Regency, also from the Jayapura Youtefa market. They are very pleased to have their merchandise bought, and hope that the Papua Provincial Government can continuously buy their warped merchandise due to the impact of Covid-19, "Samuel said in his written statement on Monday (5/18/2020).

Semel Siriwa confirmed that the purchased local food was entirely divided into four delivery points, namely in Gunung Merah and Sentani (Jayapura Regency), Abikura Trikora Field and Tanjung Ria (BLKI) Jayapura City. Besides local food, rica, shallot, and tomato are also provided.

"The division was carried out separately at four points intended to avoid the crowd. Because in a pandemic situation, health protocols are still in place such as recommendations for washing hands, using masks and keeping a safe distance, "he explained.

The Deputy Governor of Papua, Klemen Tinal, accompanied by the Acting Secretary of Papua, M. Ridwan Rumasukun, and Semuel Siriwa, symbolically opened the implementation of free local food distribution to the OAPs affected by Covid-19.

In his remarks, Klemen Tinal requested that OAP always consume local food such as sago or papeda, petatas, taro, cassava, bananas and vegetables. That's because local food can keep the body away from various diseases.

"I used to love outdoor food so that I got a lot of illnesses, now I no longer after eating local food. Because of what, local food is much healthier and more nutritious, "Klemen said.

The steps of the Papua Provincial Government are in line with the instructions of the Minister of Agriculture Syahrul Yasin Limpo. "Local food can increase immunity or endurance if consumed properly and correctly," he explained.

Head of the Agricultural Human Resources and Development Agency (BPPSDMP) of the Ministry of Agriculture, Dedi Nursyamsi, said that the corona virus has no cure.

"What can fight this virus is the body's immunity obtained from consumption of foods with high antioxidants. Usually there is a variety of local foods such as sago, cassava, sweet potato or petatas, taro and many more, "said Dedi Nursyamsi.

For this reason, Dedi greatly appreciates what the Papua Provincial Government is doing. Because in this way the impact can increase.

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