Disguising Ivan Sambom's Disguise

Disguising Ivan Sambom's Disguise

Ivan Sambom was captured by the Indonesian National Police during a raid on the Trans Nabire Road camp, Jayanti Village, Iwaka District. After an investigation, it turned out that Ivan Sambom was a spy for the Papua KKB at PT Freeport Indonesia.

Ivan Sambom works as an internal security employee at PT Freeport Indonesia. The results of the police investigation stated that Ivan Sambom was in the rank of commander in the National Liberation Army-Free Papua Oraganization or TPN-OPM.

The latest facts mention that Ivan Sambom also helped set the strategy for the shooting of PT Freeport Indonesia's employees. Papua Police Chief Inspector General Paulus Waterpauw admitted, Ivan Sambom, played an active role in the Papua KKB.

It is true that the results of the examination of those concerned were revealed to be active in the KKB Papua, even acting as providers of information and the shooting plan.

"The employees of PT. Freeport who have been in charge of internal security since 2014 have served as field coordination," said Inspector General of Waterpauw answering ANTARA's question in Jayapura on Tuesday (05/05/2020).

From reports received by Ivan Sambom working at PT Freeport since 2004 and joining the Papua KKB in 2009. Ivan Sambom was also actively involved in the shooting plan of PT. Freeport, which killed a New Zealand citizen and injured two other employees.

The shooting incident on March 30 in the office area of ​​PT. Freeport in Kuala Kencana cannot be separated from the role of Ivan Sambom, said Inspector General of Waterpauw, adding. Ivan Sambom, whose daily job as security makes it easy for him to get information including the movement of security forces.

Paulus Waterpauw also revealed that he was still investigating the case in anticipation of other employees also joining the Papua KKB.

"Members are currently still exploring whether there are still employees of the largest mining companies in Indonesia who joined the group who want to separate themselves from the Republic of Indonesia," he said.

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