Asmat Social Service Police With Religious Leaders In Agats District

Asmat Social Service Police With Religious Leaders In Agats District

Asmat Police In Order To Strengthen Friendship Asmat Police held social services with religious leaders in Agats Asmat Regency, Friday (05/15/2020).

Asmat Kapolres during the visit in the context of social service also gave an appeal to religious leaders, pastors, priests and religious teachers to foster good relations as partners in Kab. Asmat, especially in the Agats District.

"I convey once again want to appeal to all of us for the Pastors, Pastors and Ustad to convey to the congregation or the ummah to jointly carry out the government's appeals related to the prevention of Covid-19 transmission in order to cut off transmission in Kab. Asmat, I also hope so that every religious ritual activity for praying on Sunday, Friday Prayers, Taraweh Prayers and Eid Al-Fitr Prayers that involve the crowds for a while we do away with, "said Asmat Police Chief.

The Asmat Police Chief also added that in accordance with the government's call until the time limit specified in the hope that we can all prevent Covid-19 transmission, if there is a church or mosque worship activity, it is sufficient to be carried out by only a few people who are in the Church or Mosque Environment without having to be with the Congregation or Congregations in large quantities.

"We in the Asmat Regency are indeed still in the Green Zone alert status but we must not be careless because our neighbors Kab. Mimika is a Red Zone with the most people exposed to Covid-19 in Papua, therefore it is a threat for us who live in Asmat if we not serious about preventing it properly, "added the police chief.

We together with the Regional Government always work together to try to break the chain of transmission of Covid-19 in Kab. Asmat so it is very important that the support of all religious leaders in Asmat Regency is expected that we can all avoid Covid-19 transmission.

The plan is that we, together with the regional government, will soon make Pos Pantau at the border of Pulau Tiga District and Kab. Mimika to monitor or prevent people who are still coming in and out of Kab.Mimika to Asmat by using a Boat or Speed ​​boat because if left unchecked there is a great potential for Covid-19 transmission to occur in Asmat.

Finally, we ask for your prayers from religious leaders, may God always protect all of us in Kab. Asmat from the danger of Covid - 19 and hopefully all of the problems of Covid - 19 can pass quickly so that we can start our lives as normal again to us. all.

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