Angkot driver in Jayawijaya will be examined for health related to Covid-19

Angkot driver in Jayawijaya will be examined for health related to Covid-19

The Jayawijaya Regency Government in Papua Province plans to examine the health of all angkot drivers after the inspection to detect the corona virus infection that causes COVID-19 is carried out on honorary employees of the Department of Transportation.

"If the results of the (examination) of our honorary employee's swab in the Department of Transportation are positive, the first one to look for (to be examined) is an angkot driver," Jayawijaya Regent Jhon R Banua said in Wamena.

The Transportation Department staff who underwent COVID-19 examination liaised with public transport drivers during their duties, so the Jayawijaya District Government wanted to carry out the same inspection to public transport drivers.

Examination to detect corona virus transmission, according to the Regent, is planned to be carried out on public transport drivers in Wamena City and public transport drivers in districts outside the city center.

"If the results of the honorary test are negative, then a rapid test will not be carried out (examination using a rapid diagnostic test tool) to the driver. But if it is positive, the first public transportation driver will be conducted a rapid test thoroughly," said Jhon.

The Regent also asked Transportation Service officials to oversee public transport operations and asked drivers to arrange for passengers not to be close to each other to avoid corona virus transmission.

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