Absent Equestrian Sports From PON Papua Because Focus On 2022 Asian Games

Absent Equestrian Sports From PON Papua Because Focus On 2022 Asian Games

The absence of the equestrian branch of sports in the National Sports Week (PON) of Papua has made the Central Board of the Indonesian Equestrian Sport Association (PP Pordasi) focus on fostering athletes to compete in the 2022 Asian Games.

Chairman of PP Pordasi, Triwatty Marciano said, the branch of equestrian sports was absent from the Papua PON next year. Coaching athletes will be able to focus on participating in the 2022 Asian Games which will take place in Hangzhou, China.

This was stated in the National Working Meeting (Rakernas) Pordasi on May 19-20 2020 which was held virtually. "We did not participate in PON (Papua), we have a roadmap for 2022 that we will prepare for the Asian Games," Triwatty said during the teleconference after Rakernas, Wednesday (5/20).

He added, Pordasi had stopped the Pelatnas during the co-19 pandemic. "The athletes are currently only training their horses from each stable," he explained.

Meanwhile, the Equestrian Champions League (ECL), which has entered the second series, is expected to be continued in September. The championship will adjust to the conditions of the co-19 pandemic in Indonesia.

Previously, the second ECL series was held on 6-8 March at the APM Equestrian Center. Previously the ECL series one session was held on February 14-16 at Jakarta International Pulomas Park Jakarta.

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