800 angkot drivers get food aid from Jayapura Regency Government

800 angkot drivers get food aid from Jayapura Regency Government

Jayapura Regency Government began distributing food aid to 800 city transportation drivers from 15 routes and six cooperatives at Sentani Airport. The Jayapura Regent, Mathius Awoitauw in Sentani, said that these drivers were one of the groups most affected by the recent COVID-19 pandemic that has swept the world lately.

"I have asked the regional technical organization (OPD) to provide food assistance to these drivers because they are also affected by social restrictions due to the spread of COVID-19," he said.

According to Regent Mathius, in addition to public transportation drivers, drivers who are active at Sentani Airport also get help. Previously, they relied on income from aircraft passengers. But after the flight restrictions on passenger planes it was certain the airport drivers were no longer working.

"Jayapura Regency Government has the initiative to hand over food aid to them," he said.

Meanwhile, Head of the Jayapura Regency Transportation Office, Alfons Awoitauw said, from the initial data obtained by his side, there were around 544 angkot drivers in the Jayapura Regency area. He continued, the drivers were spread over 15 routes and the data was also added by the Sentani Airport taxi drivers, who were spread across six cooperative groups.

"So what we have realized for the distribution of groceries on Wednesday (5/13) is around 300 drivers while the rest today will continue with the distribution," he said.

However, according to him there was the addition of new data from these drivers so that the number reached two hundred people. Finally the total data that will get food assistance from the Jayapura Regency Government is as many as 800 drivers.

"But there are those who have just registered when they receive this package of basic needs," he said.

He added, his party would verify the new data according to the ownership of each driver. So that the distribution of aid is not wrong target. "The data has more than 200 drivers, so they will be distributed in the second stage," he added.

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