27 Travelers from Papua Live in Quarantine

27 Travelers from Papua Live in Quarantine

As many as 27 travelers from Papua are allowed to return to their homes after completing quarantine at the Pramuka Building in the Regency of Batang, Central Java, for 14 days, said the Head of the Batang District Health Service Dr. Muchlasin

"We express our gratitude and appreciation for the 27 travelers who are aware of undergoing quarantine in the Pramuka Building for 14 days. Today (Saturday), they are allowed to go to their respective homes," he said in Batang.

According to him, during quarantine, the health condition of 27 people was good and there were no disorders or symptoms such as people who were exposed to a new type of Corona virus (COVID-19).

Furthermore, he said, after they were declared healthy they would be sent home to their homes even though they were still kept at a distance of 1 meter when they were communicating with others.

"We also ask them to continue to maintain health and the environment, do not leave the house if it is not very important, wear masks, and always wash hands with soap," he said.

Muchlasin advised the 27 people not to carry out any activities that involved a large number of people or groups in the meantime. Batang Triossy, the Head of the Protocol and Communication Section of Batang Triossy Juniarto, said that the number of travelers or migrants is now 15,583.

"The number of travelers is based on monitoring from each sub-district and the Batang railway station coming from Jakarta or other urban areas," he said.

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