2 of the Best Men of Papua inaugurated Kasad General Andika Perkasa

2 of the Best Men of Papua inaugurated Kasad General Andika Perkasa

Two of Papua's best sons are now promoted, promoted. This is a form of trust in military institutions. It is hoped that Papuan children can show the best performance. Army Chief of Staff or Army Chief of Staff General Andika Perkasa presides over the handover ceremony of the Commander of the Army and Territorial Territorial Center XVIII / Kasuari.

TNI personnel who occupy the two positions are native Papuans. The handover ceremony took place at the Army Headquarters. The position of the Army Territorial Center Commander was handed over from Maj. Gen. Arif Rahman to Maj. Gen. Joppye Onesimus Wayjauh. Then Pangdam XVIII / Kasuari from Maj. Gen. Joppye Onesimus Wayjauh to Maj. Gen. Ali Hamdan Bogra.

"The change is based on the KSAD warrant number: Sprin / 1205 / V / 2020 dated May 5, 2020 concerning the dismissal of and appointment in office within the Army," said Head of the Army Information Service Col. Inf Nefra Firdaus in a written statement. Monday (5/11/2020),

Joppye is a son born in Serui, Papua, July 17, 1962, who also graduated from the 1986 Military Academy (Akmil) from the Infantry branch and 2013 Lemhannas graduates. Previously, Joppye had assumed a number of important positions. These included Danbrigif 24 / Bulungan Cakti (2009-2011), Asops Kasdam XVII / Cenderawasih (2011-2012), Danrem 172 / Praja Wira Yakthi (2012-2013), to Pati Sahli TK III Bid SosbudKum Panglima TNI (2016).

Whereas Bogra is a son born in Serui, Papua, January 6, 1963, who is also a graduate of the 1987 Military Academy (Akmil) and a Lemhannas graduate in 2015. Some strategic positions he has taken include Kapendam XVII / Cendrawasih (2011), Kasrem 171 / PVT (2012) , Expert Staff of Pangdam XVII / Cendrawasih in the field of Political Ideology (2014), to the Social Neighborhood Band Setjen Wantannas (2017).

Nefra said, the transfer of duties and certijab within the TNI AD organization was an effort to refresh the body of the organization. The refreshment of the organization is based on the interests of guiding personnel and unit coaching. Including projected to improve organizational performance, to ensure the implementation of the main tasks of the Army. He revealed, for the position of Danpusterad experienced an increase which was originally held by two-star high-ranking officers, becoming three-star high-ranking officers.

"This refers to Perkasad number 26 of 2019, which is a derivative of Presidential Regulation 66 of 2019 concerning the Organizational Structure of the TNI," explained Nefra.

Meanwhile, the handover ceremony of the Danpusterad and Pangdam XVIII / Ksr positions themselves was carried out by implementing health protocols to prevent the transmission of the Covid-19 pandemic. The ceremony, which took place in an orderly and solemn manner, was marked, among other things, by the surrender of unit symbols, the surrender of command sticks and embedding of official signs and the signing of the text of the certijab and the integrity pact.

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