1,850 KK Received Assistance from Mimika Regency Government

1,850 KK Received Assistance from Mimika Regency Government

The Nawaripi Village Government (Pemkam), Mimika Regency, Papua, began distributing social assistance in the form of nine basic food items to 1,850 per family head (KK) affected by the Corona or Covid-19 virus Pandemic in Kampung Nawaripi, Timika.

The contents of the nine basic necessities were distributed to 1,850 households spread across 18 RT / RW in Kampung Nawaripi including. 25kg rice, 1 carton supermier, 2 dos teabags, 1 rack chicken egg, 2kg sugar and 1 liter cooking oil.

'' On Saturday, 23/5, relief supplies were distributed to the community. All those who have been recorded will certainly receive assistance, this distribution is evenly distributed, we do not view the rich or poor because all affected by the Corona virus, "said Norbertus Submitted at the Nawaripi District Government Office Saturday, (5/23/2020).

Ditubun said, the total number of residents recorded in Nawaripi Village was actually 2,050 families (KK) but the basic food items handed down by the district government at this initial stage were 1,850 households.

The remaining 200 heads of households who have not been able to receive the nine basic necessities, this is because the 200 residents are late entering KK and KTP data.

"The assistance currently available is right for 1,850 households which have already been recorded, and 200 other KKs whose data are late coming in so that new submissions are made," he explained.

The man who is familiarly called Norman urged 200 registered family heads who have not yet received the basic food packages to be patient because they are making submissions.

Representing the people of Kampung Nawaripi, Norbertus expressed his gratitude to the Mimika Regency Government in this case the Regent Eltinus Omaleng and the Mimika Regent Deputy, Johannes Rettob who had realized the basic necessities to be distributed to the residents of Nawaripi in the effort to prevent the Corona virus from spreading in the Regency.

"We are transparent to the community in terms of channeling aid in the midst of the Covid-19 Pandemic, thank you to the Regent and Mr Deputy Regent for this assistance," he said.

As Head of the Village, he appealed to Nawaripi residents to obey the recommendations of the Regional Government which is currently implementing the Extended and Tightened Social Restrictions (PSDD).

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