16 members of the DPRD Nduga distributed 8 tons of rice

16 members of the DPRD Nduga distributed 8 tons of rice

Sixteen members of the Nduga Regency Regional Representative Council (DPRD) who were detained in Jayapura City, took the initiative to distribute 8 tons of rice to Nduga students and residents in Jayapura Regency and Jayapura City, Thursday (05/14/2020), in Papua.

The assistance came from the initiative of 16 DPRD members and a little thanks was collected to us to prepare 8 tons of rice and basic needs assistance to students, students, and our community in Nafri, Solomon, Alaninom and Nimin.

The representatives of these people could not go to Kenyam Nduga because of restrictions on access to transportation services since early April.

So far, there are only three members representing the people in Nduga. In addition to Jayapura, there were also representatives of the people detained in Wamena, 5 people, and Timika, 1 person.

There is also assistance to the community and the students, according to him, are expected to be able to help, while waiting for the assistance of the Nduga regional government worth 8 billion rupiahs, for the people affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

"We have decided the district head and the DPRD (co-19 handling) in Nduga of 8 billion to prevent the local government from this pendemi. So while waiting for the local government to process it, we provide this assistance in Jayapura regencies and cities. The distribution of co-19 is widespread. This is based on a meeting with the ladies and gentlemen of 16 DPRD members, "explained Gwijangge.

Meanwhile, Secretary of the Indonesian Nduga Student and Student Council Leadership Branch, Remes Ubruangge expressed his gratitude to the Nduga DPRD for providing assistance.

"We express our gratitude to the Nduga Government in this case 16 DPRD members in Jayapura who assisted groceries in seeing our situation in the dormitory because of this co-19. We thank you, "said Remes Ubruangge.

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