West Papua Provincial Government Will Extend Emergency Response Period COVID-19

West Papua Provincial Government Will Extend Emergency Response Period COVID-19

The Provincial Government (Pemprov) of West Papua plans to extend the COVID-19 emergency response period after the first emergency response period, which is set to last 14 days, from March 28, 2020, ends.

"The first emergency response period is over. We will extend for the second emergency response period. Today I will sign the letter," said West Papua Governor Dominggus Mandacan in Manokwari, Friday (4/17/2020).

Regarding the development of corona virus infection cases in West Papua, the Governor explained that 73 patient samples had been sent by the West Papua COVID-19 Task Force to health laboratories in Jakarta, Makassar and Jayapura. Of the 73 samples sent, only 25 have the results already.

"From the 25 laboratory examination results, 20 were negative and five were positive. Of the five, three of which we received yesterday, two in Manokwari and one from Bintuni Bay," said Dominggus.

Residents who tested positive for COVID-19 in Manokwari were people who had been in contact with COVID-19 patients but did not experience symptoms of illness (people without symptoms / OTG).

According to the Governor, that person since arriving in Manokwari three weeks ago had undergone quarantine and examined. "At that time they were immediately quarantined, so the people need not be afraid," he said.

The governor called on residents not to panic, but remain vigilant and implement health protocols established by the government to prevent transmission of COVID-19.

"Also, don't be easily provoked by hoax information circulating on social media. Official information is only from the Task Force," he said.

"Now what we need to do together is prevent cases from increasing. All elements must participate, including the community. Staying at home if there is nothing important to get out, also take care of your health, wash your hands regularly. Anyway, health instructions issued by the government as much as possible carried out, "continued the Governor.

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