West Papua BKKBN Calls for Permanent Residents at Home

West Papua BKKBN Calls for Permanent Residents at Home

Supporting the government's recommendation, the West Papua Province BKKBN Representative issued an appeal for the community to remain at home. Because, COVID-19 is everywhere.

Head of Information Advocacy, Training and Development Representative BKKBN West Papua Province, dr. Christina, said, COVID-19 is now rampant. Even in West Papua there have been victims killed by the virus.

According to him, even though young people with immunity are still strong, people need to stay at home. Because, it could be transmitted to others. "So at home, don't go anywhere. Old people are also at home too, don't go anywhere to avoid contracting the Corona virus, "he said.

He said the central government through the President and the West Papua Provincial Government through the governor had issued a recommendation to be at home. In addition, it is also recommended to always maintain cleanliness.

"Wash your hands often with soap, then diligently bask in the sun in 09.30-10.00 WIT every day," he said.

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