TNI-Polri check the stock of basic goods in the West Ansap Yapen market

TNI-Polri check the stock of basic goods in the West Ansap Yapen market

Joint TNI-Polri personnel check the availability of nine staples in the Ansus West Yapen District market to ensure the fulfillment of the needs of residents amid the corona virus pandemic (COVID-19) in Yapen Islands Regency, Papua.

Koramil 1709-04 member Yapbar Serma Anaklektus Worumi explained that this activity was aimed at ensuring that the availability of special food staples in the West Yapen area was still met and prices were still stable.

"Because we heard a few weeks ago there was a shortage of some staples, so we all do checks in the field," he explained Wednesday (29/4).

Meanwhile, Head of Kelurahan Ansus Ramli S.IP stressed, with this activity the government was trying to supervise traders.

"There must be no mischievous traders who play the price of food that can disturb the community," he said.

The joint government apparatus not only checks, but also carries out this activity to remind businesses not to raise prices amid the impact of the Covid-19 virus pandemic.

Yapbar police chief Iptu Abdul Rachim, who also went directly to the market, also appealed to all residents in the market location to always follow the instructions of the government in preventing the spread of Covid-19.

"In addition to checking staple needs, we also appeal to the public, which is obliged to use masks when leaving the house, diligently washing hands with soap, stay away from the crowd and most importantly if there is no urgent need then don't leave the house," he said.

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