Three Green Zones in West Papua

Three Green Zones in West Papua

In the midst of the spread of the corona virus in Indonesia, West Papua Province successfully defended three districts as green zones. Spokesperson of the West Papua Provincial Government in the Task Force for the prevention and Handling of COVID-19, Arnoldus Tiniap in Manokwari said the three districts namely the Arfak Mountains, Tambrauw, and Maybrat District.

In the three regions, said Arnoldus, there has not been a single case of people under surveillance (ODP), patients under surveillance (PDP), moreover patients were confirmed positive for corona virus.

"One area is in the red category because there have been confirmed cases although only two, namely Sorong City. While the other nine regions are in the yellow zone," said Arnold.

He said, based on the latest data on Thursday (9/2) the number of patients confirmed in West Papua had not been added. There are still two cases namely in Sorong City.

For a total of 558 ODP accumulated from ten regencies / cities, namely Manokwari, Sorong City, Sorong Regency, South Sorong, Raja Ampat, Fakfak, Kaimana, Wondama Bay, Bintuni Bay and South Manokwari. From the data, some of them have completed the independent isolation period.

Manokwari Regency still occupies the top position in the number of ODP as many as 151 people, Fakfak 94, Sorong City 111, Sorong Selatan 90, Sorong 52 District, Raja Ampat 27, Wondama Bay, 15, Kaimana 12, Bintuni Bay and South Manokwari respectively 3 ODP case.

While the PDP, from the initial data to Thursday (9/4), there were 21 people. 10 were in Sorong City, Manokwari 6, South Sorong 3, Kaimana and South Manokwari each in 1 case.

"Our prevention efforts continue to be made. We also urge the public to always be vigilant by implementing social distancing, washing hands regularly using soap, and staying at home if there is nothing very important to do outside," Arnold added.

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